Gendered Bodies. Notes on Embodiment and Gender
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gendered género


The body and gender have become important objects of sociological investigation, both because sociology has shown how through interaction, institutions and culture the boundary of the "natural" is being constructed, and because social action is increasingly thought of as situated in time and space and therefore incarnated and codified on the basis of gender. Embodiment, that is, the constitution of embodied subjectivity through social processes and relationships, is now increasingly taken into account in the ways we understand social processes. A perspective on gender, in turn, can be particularly pregnant to understand the way embodiment takes place in daily life. In this paper I retrace some of the most fertile tracks in contemporary classics such as Goffman and Bourdieu for the sociological understanding of embodied subjectivity and hint at the way they have addressed gender as a fundamental dimension of and embodiment. In so doing, I will cast a critical, materialist, phenomenological eye on embodiment and gendered bodies to better understand what a constructivist approach to bodies and gender may entail.

PDF (English)