Revista Latinoamericana de Estudios sobre Cuerpos, Emociones y Sociedad, No 24 (2017)

Tamaño de la letra:  Pequeña  Mediana  Grande

The invisible nature of violence inflicted on women with disabilities: An analysis of the situation in Spain

María del Pilar Gomiz Pascual


The needs and problems that women with disabilities have to face up to daily often go unnoticed by society at large. The life experiences of these women are often characterized by this invisibility, which can lead them to social exclusion and limit their full involvement in many public and private spheres. All this increases their exposure to violence, making them more vulnerable - and often hidden from public view. This article aims to provide some insight into these processes and draw attention to the fatal consequences they can have on the lives of these women.

Palabras clave: Women, disability, violence, discrimination, inclusion

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