Discurso y emociones de la Revolución Comunista China

Palabras clave

Revolución Comunista
Discurso emocional
Poder China
Communist Revolution
emotional discourse


Modern Chinese history is actually a history of revolution. A series of revolutions had a profound impact on the organizational structure and spiritual temperament of Chinese society. It is not a very long but very complicated process for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to establish the communist party and the communist state. Most of the previous studies focused on the organizational technology, cultural strategy and ideology of the CCP. This paper suggests that emotion was a kdy resource mobilized by organizational technology, and also an experience produced by specific discourse. The national image constructed by the Communists is emotional and also humanized, not just merely cold and violent. This paper focuses on the complex relationship among emotions, discourse and power in the Chinese Communist revolution, and also makes a preliminary analysis of the emotional discourses created by the Communists.